Travelling With Camera Gear

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by m01229

So you have all this fantastic camera kit and you want to take it on a photo tour in an exotic land – but there is a dilemma! How do you get it there safely? The a lot more robust and expert the grade of the kit, the heavier it becomes and the tougher to get it exactly where you want it to be.

As an illustration, a simple professional kit of two Nikon D3 bodies, a 70-200 VR, a 17-35 f2.8, a TC 17E and maybe a 50 f1.four will tip the scales at a mere 6kg (13lbs) and that is not allowing for the bag you are carrying it in!

The smart photographer refuses to place something vital to his craft in the hold of a plane. It will get lost, it will get broken, it may properly just disappear altogether. Arriving at your location sans your gear is a Grade 1 skilled foul and equally frustrating for amateurs as effectively. The carry on limit of 7kg (15lbs) will let us only a bag weighing 1kg (2.2lbs) to carry the kit outlined above.

Out, then, go all the rollers and most of the backpacks! You may – just – squeak by with a Believe Tank Airport Ultralight, particularly if the battery charger and odds and sods get place in your checked case. Most other rollers and backpacks are about the three to 4 Kg mark (6-eight lbs) empty.

Also, of course, you want to function at the other end and personally backpacks are no assist to me for this. I simply never want to put down the bag in the dirt, mud, dust – or worse – while I fiddle about acquiring what ever I wanted, only to make a decision a few minutes later that I really wanted some thing else and have to do it all again….!

Each time you take the pack off you expose your gear to the dust/rain/snow, you provide a stationary target for any smash and grab thieves in the vicinity and often you just can’t locate space in a crowd to truly do it.

Ah, you say – a shoulder bag is the answer! Properly, yes. And no. It solves the access dilemma but offers you another. Have you ever attempted walking around a hot city like, say, Calcutta, with about 7Kg (15lbs) hanging off one particular shoulder all day?! Not exciting. Sooner or later, it will become a enormous chore and that is when you start leaving stuff behind or just not bringing it at all – and miss shots as a result.

You will most likely commence thinking about the camera you are using. Possibly a Canon G11 would do the trick as an alternative? Or a Leica M9? I have certainly regarded as the Leica resolution but at US$ 6000 for the physique alone it is an high-priced investment for a manual focus digital camera that will almost certainly be superseded 5 instances in ten years. Also, on most other assignments a DSLR is a better decision.

There is a remedy! Beltpacks. I use the Feel Tank Speed series – normally the Speed Racer. They have the ability to hide the belt away and grow to be shoulder bags for much more urban travel and to accept an optional backpack harness. The gear is close at hand when functioning, the hip belts wide and comfortably padded. The belts also accept the Feel Tank Modular and Skin system pouches to increase carrying capability. I normally have the water bottle pouch on one particular side and a lens pouch on the other.

Unless an individual invents the ideal camera bag, photographers will continue to confound their considerable other folks with an ever escalating collection of bags! I have 9 at final count.

Now you know how to ideal carry your gear, why not take it on a New Zealand photography holiday? Find out far more about guided NZ Photo Tours and let me show you how we can help.
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