Trends in the development of the integrated camera

by 王馬文

After several decades of development,integrated camera with increasingly lower prices to attract people’s attention.Now, the integrated camera with traditional cameras can not match the uniqueness become the new darling of CCTV.For the integrated camera has several different interpretations,some refer dome one machine,fast ball machine,combined with integrated PTZ camera and lens built-in one machine.Strictly speaking, the fast dome cameras , dome cameras with the general one machine is not a concept,but the technique is the same with a video camera,which generally will be classified as integrated areas . Integrated camera now refers specifically to auto focus, built-in camera lens , its technology evolved from a home video camera technology , compared with the traditional camera, integrated camera compact , beautiful, install , easy to use , monitor a wide range of cost-effective high , after successfully applied to the education sector video Showcase , is on the security industry monitoring system to form a new round of attacks . Compared with traditional cameras integrated camera,integrated machine compact , beautiful, has advantages in terms of installation , more convenient , and its power, video , control signals are directly jack , unlike conventional cameras have connection troubles .One imaging system ( lens ), CCD, DSP technology patents are internationally renowned manufacturers mastered , it is relatively conventional cameras , one machine quality can be better controlled. Meanwhile , a wide range of integrated camera surveillance , cost-effective . Traditional camera positioning system is not flexible enough , and more need to manually focus, but the biggest advantage is the integrated camera with auto -focus function .
The rapid development in the security market today, integrated camera with its unique advantages forward steadily. Compared with ordinary camera, integrated camera compact size , simple and beautiful design , suitable for high -end applications, and can complement each other beautifully decorated. And its inherent performance characteristics of the more obvious , the first auto-focus function makes the image very clear, fast and accurate real-time monitoring . Especially in highway monitoring , due to vehicle speed, prone to monitoring image blur, streaking phenomenon , high-quality integrated camera can automatically focus the image of the vehicle and fixed focus to achieve good results for the road monitoring and traffic management provides an ideal surveillance images . In addition , the integration of a wider range of camera surveillance , especially for all types of large-scale monitoring sites . For high temperatures, rain, snow and harsh outdoor environments by configuring a good proof , waterproof function , the user can resolve worries outdoor surveillance. In addition , the demand for special environment , integrated camera also has excellent performance , anti -corrosion integrated camera designed for biochemical environment , waterproof integrated camera can be used in the seabed , as well as to cope with the high temperatures and the development of outdoor , cooling function with integrated camera and so on. Be optimistic to expect , with full play to the advantages of the integrated camera function , it will bring more positive experience for all types of security monitoring applications.
The face of high-definition video surveillance , the development trend of networking and intelligent , integrated camera also need long-term development on this path. In the field of security definition has been widely talked about , integrated camera HD era has come , and only cater to this trend , we continue to meet the industry ‘s high-definition monitor user needs to be wider and wider on security this road , open up their their own space . IP camera applications in many fields , for the IP camera integration road clear direction , no real-time monitoring mode will be fully involved in all sectors, then the unique advantages of IP camera integration will be its head. Not only that , such as privacy zone masking , embedded images tumbling , motion detection and other intelligent features to make it more practical , broader applications . In the high-definition era, such as intelligent transportation , digital city , safe campus and other areas of the video surveillance camera high-definition image quality requirements more stringent. Intelligent transportation , for example, deployed at major roads , intersections , entrances and other places of video surveillance cameras need clear information on the vehicle record , under certain speed, the shutter time is too long, can cause blurry images , it is difficult to effectively identify license plate information, the shutter time is too short , it will result in underexposed , image brightness is not enough , the same lack of useful information on the license plate , to real-time traffic monitoring has brought great distress. The HD integrated camera via optical zoom can make the image clearer. Optical zoom is relying on the zoom optical lens structure to achieve , the greater the optical zoom , the more far can shoot the scene . Integrated camera zoom ratio from the existing 22 -fold, 26 -fold, 27 -fold to 30 -fold, 36 -fold , or even higher , which for capturing high-resolution images in a wide range of great significance.
Speaking definition,we have to mention the resolution,the number of pixels integrated camera resolution from the above mentioned core technology CCD ‘s decision in the current industry applications, multi-line to 480-line and 520-based, some one of the camera resolution of 540 lines or more, which shows a strong trend toward the integration of high-definition video camera development . The face of high tide , security vendors not only to make a difference in terms of high -definition , but also taking into account the illumination to improve the sensitivity of the CCD to achieve high-definition night surveillance . In terms of IP, as with a conventional camera , integrated camera also gradually involving IP functionality. By embedding integrated camera internal IP modules to achieve network connectivity and upload images to achieve remote monitoring.On the other hand , with the rise of the civil security market , users are increasingly fancy practical integrated camera , prompting security vendors continue to develop more intelligent functions with integrated camera . Such as through a specific set of intelligent analysis module can airports, railway stations and other crowded places of suspicious persons , abandoned objects do not automatically detect , lock, tracking and alarm .

Camera application in many fields for the development of roads integrated camera pointed out the direction,no real-time monitoring mode will be fully involved in all industries.Not only that,such as privacy zone masking,embedded images tumbling,motion detection and other intelligent features to make it more practical,broader applications.
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