Uniquely Personalized Photo Cards Makes The Best Gifts Ever

by Roewind

I enjoy shopping for unique gifts for my family and friends. As a mother of three I find it increasingly hard to do so these days because of my kids’ activities, PTA meetings, planning play dates, as well as keeping the refrigerator and pantry stuffed with supplies. By the time my mom duties are over there are no shops open for me to peruse. Thank goodness for the world-wide web. Every evening the mothers of the world get a second wind and get on the internet. The chatter of Skype fills the evening and my email inbox comes alive. And, I begin to shop in the digital shops of cyberspace.

The convenience of shopping on the web cannot be overstated. Literally everything is available for sale with choices beyond your wildest dreams. It is the ultimate bazaar: unique finds can be had at bargain prices and they will all be delivered to your doorstep.

I’ve discovered a host of e-shops where I can not only create gifts but get perfect personalized gifts. Places like Snapfish.com and Kodakgallary.com allow you to transform your digital photos into gifts, such as t-shirts, mugs, and mouse pads. You simply upload your photos, choose your item, and in a few weeks you receive that item with your chosen photo imprinted on it. I’ve created some unique photo gifts through these sites.

I also discovered a gem called Picturoo.com. They have come up with a practical solution to those problematic wallet photos. They can print photo ID cards on plastic cards that are similar to credit cards. The company claims that they will last for years and I’m inclined to believe it. I created one of each of my children and was pleasantly surprised when I received them.

Picturoo does not limit you to printing just a photo on a card. There are numerous card designs for many occasions that add creative flare to your photo ID cards. They create little artistic frames for your photos. Each design adds some whimsy or touching sentiment to your photo, allowing you to create meaningful mementos of special moments. Many of the design are like ID cards or trading cards. They really enhance your photos in a unique way.

If you plan to use Picturoo, you will go through a process similar to the one outlined below. After browsing for and choosing your design, you upload a photo or select one which you have previously uploaded. Your photo will automatically be resized to fit the design’s photo region but you can fine tune its position and resize as needed. You can also place message on the photo ID cards, such as a name or an endearing phrase. For each card I made, I simply put my childrens’ names on them. The Picturoo designs already add so much creativity to the photos that I didn’t really need to add much more. Each step of the way, I was shown an approximation of what my card would look like until I chose to drop it into the shopping cart. The whole process was really rather easy, but if you are not comfortable with using the web, Picturoo will also accept email orders. Just send them the design SKU and the digital photo you would like to use and they will do the work for you. That’s service!

I had to create an account before doing all this, so they know where to send my finished photo cards. When I receive the cards, just three days after I made the order, I was so tickled by what I saw. It was almost exactly what I saw on the screen when I created the card. Still, there’s something to be said about holding the actual cards in your hands. It’s like when you receive fresh new credit cards, only better because they are so delightfully cute. Oh what perfect personalized gifts! They have about the same thickness, are richly colored, and are flexible and durable, all topped off with a glossy finish.

While examining the cards, I attempted to scratch off the ink on a corner of one of the cards with my nail. Not a scratch appeared and there was no trace of ink on my nail. I vigorously attempted to rub ink off the same corner, first with a dry finger, then a wetted one. There was no smear and no ink residue on my finger whatsoever. The colors are fused on the card. I gave one of the cards a good workout by warping and twisting it. Like any credit card, it just sprang back to its original flatness. They are the best quality photos I’ve seen in terms of the material and the finish.

Everyone I’ve shown the cards to has marveled at my photos. “These are so cute,” “These are so great,” “What a wonderful idea,” are often the comments, as well as “Where can I get them?”

Picturoo charges $ 4.95 for each card and offers quantity discounts for larger orders. I’ve spent more money for a paper greeting card. The Picturoo photo cards are built to last. You might even say that they are a green concept. Their price is small in comparison to the value of an endearing gift that will last a long time and continuously bring a smile to one’s face.

In my next project using Picturoo.com, I plan to create a birthday announcement for my daughter’s birthday. This was a suggestion from their site and I think it’s just a wonderful idea. I plan to create a fun birthday card with my daughter’s photo on it and send it out as an invitation to her birthday party.

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When it comes to needing a fun party idea, or that unique party favor Rachel Park simply turns to www.Picturoo.com for all her needs. If there was ever a place to find a cool party favor then this is surely it.

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