Video encoding allows video management efficient

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According IMSResearch research shows found in the steady development of simulation technology,IP video surveillance is growing at 30% per year growth rate to catch up simulation market . So two different architectures of surveillance systems can co- develop it? Apart from the different technical applications, in most cases, and not much of the intersection between the two.IP video surveillance improves the picture quality, improve management, reduce system operating costs. In addition, it provides a platform for the future , a good time for megapixels network technology and high-definition era and preparation. Video encoder signal analog camera inputs by converting to a digital video stream,a common compression standards , such as M-JPEG, MPEG-4 or H.264 output video format will be the same , can be fully integrated into the network cameras and network video systems. Codec also features include a built- in video motion detection , tampering alarm and video analysis . Monitoring the market there are many encoders, single-channel or multi-channel analog cameras connected,you should install separate encoders close to the analog camera signals , otherwise it will affect the digital conversion results . Network video encoder enables more flexible and adaptable. Networks are given more expansion options , the new simulation origin IP system, adding new cameras will become easier, thus simplifying system management service providers work. Traditional analog CCTV proprietary encoder will let you into a dead end . Open and interoperable standards established network provides greater possible. Perhaps you do not understand the technical principles , but will eventually feel the advantages of video encoder saves bandwidth and storage . By encoder allows analog system into an IP video surveillance system , the biggest advantage is cost savings to make up the technology gap . A new digital network applications, anywhere , anytime remote access surveillance images , improve image quality , allowing storage and video management to become more efficient.
Associated with the storage network adaptive technology is mainly ANR.ANR ‘s premise is a video encoder supports local storage , while a central storage system deployment . Network is normal, all the video in the center is completed ; when the network fails, the video encoder supports ANR and the central management platform will also detect the failure and establish their own time-related logs, while the video encoder to start local recording , using its built-in storage medium storing ; after the network is restored to normal , the video encoder and the central log management platform will compare their established data over the network to check the failure , and then the video encoder will be uploaded to the local video store central storage device automatically deleted after the completion of the local video . ANR technology can improve storage reliability on the one hand , on the other hand can ensure the integrity and unified management of video files. Network adaptive technologies associated with the transmission rate adjustment mainly refers to technology . Normal network , the video encoder to encode the normal flow rate uploaded monitoring center platform code ; When the network is congested , the video encoder can automatically detect the congestion , and then automatically adjust the video resolution, video frame rate encoding parameters such as code adjust the flow bandwidth to ensure stable upload stream monitoring ; when the network is restored , the video encoder and then automatically restore the previous coded transmission . Associated with the management of the network adaptive technology mainly refers to human design. When network congestion occurs , prompt managers to be able to take the initiative and browsing personnel and records ; front-end video encoder IP address conflicts with other devices , to be able to have some mechanism for notification center management platform , the platform initiative prompted by the relevant staff and records, etc. and so on.
Public security organs in the monitoring center can be used to network video server as the core real-time monitoring system for traffic safety , safety in public places , such as the incident site control and management for timely alarm , the police . In addition , local recording function network video server back to the police and played a great role. Wireless transmission network video server monitoring points can also be placed on the patrol car , making monitoring more flexible and efficient. With the rising demand of customers to the Internet , the customer ‘s geographical location to telecom operators raised new challenges , cities and towns large-scale infrastructure construction , to telecom operators and also bring opportunities to make the device , security line brings risks, many of unattended room and operating room in the suburbs or outlying areas of the city , where the lines and equipment are often lost, so it is very necessary for remote monitoring, network video server can not restricted geographically and on the environment , so that telecom operators use their own resources to monitor remote devices can be achieved outlets and communications equipment . Low occupancy broadband network video server image is clear and smooth , the software supports multi- screen or full-screen display, remote control of PTZ camera lens rotation and scaling . Available for school buildings , faculty residential buildings, dormitories, gymnasiums, libraries, laboratories for remote monitoring. Network video server two-way transmission of voice and video synchronization , remote instruction, clear and smooth images can be used with the remote control proctored exam fraud and other functions. Network Video Server can automatically adjust the size according to the bandwidth stream . It will not increase too much burden on the network . So it can on the lower 128kbps-512kbps bandwidth network transmission of high-quality moving images in real time speed , and support multi-user simultaneous access . ADSL dynamic IP support and provide professional monitoring software to access and WEB access two ways to achieve the lowest cost of school publicity. Currently, miners working underground as far away from the ground, terrain, harsh environment, so prone to accidents . Use in the core of the ip video server video surveillance systems , ground control personnel can conduct real-time monitoring of the underground , not only to monitor and record intuitive underground work site safety production, but also able to detect signs of the accident , prevention and, secondly, network video server can utilize computer network interconnection , network bandwidth reusable , no need to repeat the wiring , and compressed video data can be stored in a disk array or saved on a CD, but also provide the first post-mortem analysis of accident hand image data . Therefore, network video server is an important part of modern mine safety monitoring system . Strengthen the important substations and unmanned substation in production safety, security alarm , fire alarm monitoring and other aspects of the comprehensive management level, to achieve the goal of creating a first-class , more and more companies are considering building power centralized remote video monitoring system . It can be on-site for each real-time video monitoring substation will be monitored points each substation , such as the main control room, hyperbaric chamber,equipment cases, breaker, isolator, outdoor venues , such as real-time transmission of live images to the collection through the communication network control station or a local dispatch center ; digital video can be simultaneously a number of ways to save on server for post- call. Important substations, Bureau and dispatchers respectively by corporate computer network, using a desktop computer, in real-time video monitoring substation or call digital video.

In the security field,the largest difference with the network camera is a video encoder , the video encoder from an analog video source cameras , analog cameras used in conjunction with the need , and is integrated with the network camera , itself integrated analog video capture function . From the current situation, even though the network cameras are in large numbers, but the video encoder will occupy an irreplaceable position in the network video surveillance system .

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