Video Marketing Strategies 101: Making A Video

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YouTube is a free site where you can share and view a lot of videos. The site has millions of members that share their videos with other people. A lot of people have access to this site and enjoy a plethora of videos. Video marketing strategies are currently a fad and employed in the business world in order to reach more potential consumers. It has become a powerful tool in the field of marketing and advertising. For first-timers, here are some tips on what to create a video about and help you in starting a video blog.

Videos started on a simple idea of what you want to share with your video. The main goals of making a video, aside from personal expression of emotions and ideas, are to entertain as well as to inform the public of some things. If you have no ideas in mind, you may go to popurls.com and stufftotweet.com to know the interesting topics in the world of video marketing. You may also want to visit googlealerts.com. You can type your interests and will get lists of newly shared or posted articles on that field.

Aside from great ideas, you need proper and adequate tools in order to create a good video. The main tools that you need are a camera and screen capture software. A camera is essential in making a video to record the events and scenarios of your videos. The flip camera is highly recommended since it is movable and portable. However, you may also use webcams and camcorders as well. The screen capture software, is essential for recording your screen. Camtasia.com provides high quality software but it can cost you some money. You may also get free screen capture software from jingproject.com and camstudio.org. These tools will largely help you in videos marketing.

Useful Tips in Making a Video

Making a video is not all about the content and how useful your information might be. In order for your video marketing to be successful, you must also pay attention to the details of the video. Here are some useful tips in setting up your video:

Set up and clear the background – the background is important to avoid distraction of the viewers. Make sure that it is clear or without unnecessary things that should not be there.

Direct eye contact – it is important to imagine that you are speaking in front of an audience and maintaining an eye contact will show your sincerity and truthfulness in everything that you say. Moreover, this makes the video more effective.

Good lighting – it is important that the people who will take some time to see your video must see your face or the things that you do. That is why it is important to have the right amount of light in making a video.

Call to action – after the video, it is important to tell your viewers what to do. You must ask the viewers what to do after watching the video. You can direct them to submit their details at a website, leave a comment or to share it with friends.

Be yourself – the most important thing that you should do is to be yourself and act naturally when making a video. What to Video About?

Making a video is not all about the content and how useful your information might be. In order for your video marketing to be successful, you must also pay attention to the details of the video. Here are some useful tips in setting up your video:

Sell your story – if you have a wonderful story to tell that will make other people be interested or concerned, this will make a good topic for a video. Stories about hardships and courage that will inspire other people can make good videos.

Compare values – a video about the comparison of companies, products and other things catches people interest.

Product/Company reviews – some people tend to look for reviews before purchasing certain products. Reviewing the pros and cons of a product or a company can be a great help to your viewers.

Testimonies – create a video giving a personal testimony about people in your team, products etc.

How-to videos – when people do not know what to do, they turn to self-help guides for help. Making a how-to video can be of a great help to your viewers by providing them with a step-by-step procedure of how to do things.

Interview – you can conduct an interview with important people and can provide inspiration to viewers.

Buzz content – current events, controversies and scandals are only some of the interesting topics that never fail to pique the interest of people.

Lifestyle – It is also best to make a video of your normal activities such as your vacation or events in your life.

Making a video and starting your own video blog can be so much fun. I just provided you with some simple tips on starting video marketing. For more help and tips, make sure to visit the link provided in the author box.

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