What A Canon EOS Does Better

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by Images George Rex

Canon’s new product in digital photography, the Canon EOS 500D, is set to make waves.

The new Canon EOS 500D offers a lot of enhanced features for a camera that every photography enthusiast would clamor for. It boasts of high quality image with a remarkable high definition recording for its video mode that enables shooting the complete movie with its HDMI connection. And the Canon EOS 500D’s best feature is its impressive high definition viewing for playback on your choice of any HDTV.

Also known as the Digital Rebel T1i, the Canon 500D EOS is a compact and lightweight Digital Single Lens Reflex (DSLR) camera. The 15.1 megapixel camera also allows for exact image previews and lets the users review image captures with its 3-inch LCD screen. This Clear View screen features a 920,000 dot count, which provides the users with accurate focus checks, comprehensive and real-time image reviews, and easy access to the acclaimed EOS menu system. Plus, the Live View mode makes it easy for quality image captures even at awkward angles.

The Canon EOS 500 D displays an extraordinary continuous shoots feature when linked up with the DIGIC 4 processor; another impressive Canon offering. It uses its AF system’s wide area efficiently for shooting continuous actions with its nine sensors that are highly sensitive and individually located but connected in a central cross point. Furthermore, images with extremely low noise can be produced when working with the Canon EOS 500D CMOS sensor with the throw-in of 14-bit image processing. Hence, images captured look natural with its colors and tones. The camera can also start up quickly and offers almost instantaneous image review.

Canon EOS 500D has an Integrated Cleaning System that cleans dirt particles from its sensor to protect its image quality. Particles that resist the EOS clean up can be removed using Dust Delete Data software that is part and parcel of Digital Photo Professional software by Canon. Features of this software include RAW editing tools, Picture Style editor and EOS Utility. Editing tools provided are equipped for quick check and cropping as well as picture styling and white balancing whereas the Picture Style editor and EOS Utility offer maximum adaptability by its resources.

The above valuable EOS system characteristics featured in the Canon EOS 500D make this new introduction by Canon a very attractive option for some unforgettable photography as it works very well with the EF/EF-S lens and EX-series for various shutter speeds.

So if you want one of the best cameras there is in this range, then the canon eos 500d is really no doubt a great choice. Discover more about this digital camera, by looking at a full canon eos 500 review on the internet.


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