What to Consider Before Buying Dental Microscope?

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Dental microscopes have become a significant part of surgery. They are designed with advanced technology, creating minute details and structures clearly visible. This helps in visualizing high-contrast and natural images and improves the quality of your dental treatment. However, before purchasing dental microscopes, it’s important to weigh up a few considerations :

1. Accessories – Inspect all the accessories including Binocular Tube, DBS, DSLR Camera, CCD Camera, Adapter, Handy-Cam, Extender, Rotoplate, Adapter, Double Iris Assistoscope, Foot Control Axis, and Floor Mount. The Extender helps the operator in maintaining a comfortable upright position, reducing fatigue and strain. Often it is assembled between magnichanger and observation head. DBS and DBSi are the beam splitters inserted between magnichanger and observation head. They divide light into two beams in either 50:50 or 80:20 ratios. In 80:20 ratios, 80% light gets directed to observation head and 20% goes to camera accessories. The Double Iris attachment helps to adjust the diaphragm attachment installed between magnichanger and DBS/DBSi, reducing incoming light and increasing depth of field needed for photography. Rotoplate eliminates neck craning and makes it comfortable to view hard to see mouth regions from 9 & 3’O clock seated position. Besides, there are DSLR camera adapter from Nikon, Canon & Sony cameras, Adapters for Mintron CCD camera and Sony Handy-Cam and Assistoscope for assistant viewing. If these accessories are not provided, the microscope will not be able to enhance the quality of examination and dental treatment. Moreover, these accessories empower the microscope to simplify documentation and communicate treatment plans effectively to patients.

2. ISO Standards – Check out whether the microscope described in the user guide is designed as per the ISO standards. If you find that the instrument follows ISO 8600 standards to determine field view as well as direction view, you can opt for it. Moreover, you must look into the fact whether the quality management systems are approved by UL. It would be good if the instrument is compliant with ISO 9001/13485. It is also important to gauge the risk management capacity of the medical devices. Hence, it would be better to opt for the instrument following ISO 14971-2007 standard.

3. Warranty – Always check for a warranty when buying a dental microscope. The model you purchase must have a warranty for at least one year from the date of invoice. Finding the authorized dealer that complies with repair and replacement of defective parts or product with discretion is necessary. However, that doesn’t mean you can claim warranty negligence. Always retain your purchase bill for getting a repair or replacement of your defective parts.

Give deep thought to these considerations before purchasing dental microscope and get better view, better ergonomics and better integration during surgery. Choose one of the best dealers providing dental microscopes and purchase the right one for your ENT clinical and surgical routines. Opt for the one having unique abilities to deliver high precision microscopes and optical instruments. Be it a design concept or finished products; seek the best brand to capture the essence of optical and mechanical perfection.

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