What to Do Before Buying Your Next IP Camera

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An internet protocol (IP) camera is a security camera that lets you monitor your home or business using software that is able to be connected directly to the internet. Unlike a webcam, an IP camera does not need a computer in order to transmit your video you have recorded online. If the IP camera you purchase does not encrypt the information it sends, there is a possibility that other people could access and view your video feed. You could be hosting the world’s biggest open house if you are not careful. When you are shopping for the best IP camera, you will want to put security features at the top of your list of priorities before anything else, even the price of the IP camera.

Secure Wireless Transmission

An IP camera in your home is going to send its feed to your home wireless router. A good wireless security protocol is going to help to secure your video feed as it travels to your home wireless router. You should look for the best IP camera that supports current wireless security protocols, like WPA2.

Secure Internet Transmission

If you access your IP camera’s video feed remotely, your IP camera is going to send your information beyond your home wireless router through the internet. Not all IP cameras are going to be able to provide the same levels of security for this. You should always look for the best IP camera that is going to encrypt your information, including your username, your password and your live feeds. You should check the label on the box,find the information online or contact the manufacturer of the IP camera directly to see if the IP camera uses SSL/TLS, or some other industry standard, in order to protect your information in transit. If your IP camera uses SSL/TLS in order to protect your login credentials, the URL for the camera’s login page should begin with https (the “s” is for secure) – which is very important.

Multiple Users

If you plan to allow several users to access feeds from your IP camera, you need to find the best IP camera that is going to allow for different levels of access. Some of your IP cameras are going to offer separate settings for administrators, who are going to be able to make remote changes to settings like creating new accounts, setting passwords and changing the direction the IP camera faces or the camera’s zoom function. There are also going to be some IP cameras that are going to allow you to restrict when certain users are going to be able to access your IP camera.

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