What To Pick A Point and Shoot, DLSR Or Hybrid?

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Cameras come in large numbers making it tough for consumers today. They get the option of picking from among DSLRs, hybrids and point and shoot cameras. These three digital cameras are a boon of technology. As it progresses more variants are sure to come out. But for now as a consumer you have to choose one out of these. This article is going to give a few pointers on each type of camera and should provide sufficient knowledge to make a purchase decision by the end.

point and shoots are the most well known types. These are compact digital cameras that you will see most often in everyone’s pocket. These little wonders come for low price tags and with 12 megapixels worth of picture quality prove to be just perfect for all the amateur photographers in us.

However, brilliant the designs of compacts, they still do not provide the highest technological advances in photography. You cannot make manual settings to take pictures. Furthermore, the processor of these ready to click cameras are not advanced enough to give clear shots under poor lighting conditions and also to take super fast pictures. Unfortunately this means missing out on action shots which require a fast shutter speed and processing as well. Nonetheless, these little marvels are perfect for regular users.

Next camera under consideration is the DSLR or Digital Single Lens Reflex Cameras. These are those big cameras that you see dangling around the neck of all professional photographers. These cameras are intelligent thanks to their larger processing powers, large ISO chip and a 10megapixel photo quality. What you cannot do with these cameras is zoom right in on something without changing the lenses first. Since the zoom is fixed according to lens attached, you need to always carry a set of lenses with you.

DSLRs however give the best picture quality and the best shoot speeds. Unfortunately, to harness its true potential you need to learn how to handle all its manual controls. Moreover, these are costly pieces of machinery requiring professional or semi-pro knowledge to use.

Finally, for all those who do not wish to spend a fortune on DSLRs or learn their complexities and neither want to settle for point and shoots, there is a bridge between them called hybrids. These come with fixed lenses but with larger optical zoom and a few manual settings. They perform close to DSLRs but are easy to use like point and shoots. You are actually getting the best of both worlds and they are meant for both consumers and professionals hence the name Prosumer cameras.

Your choice is going to depend on many things. In short, point and shoots are cheap and great companions, hybrids give the best of both worlds, DSLRs are the highest technology can offer.

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