Why use a Mattebox?

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by T.H. Pictures

You may be questioning what the point of getting a DSLR matte box is when you can attach filters to the front of the lens.
A single key drawback with screw in filters is that you have to eliminate them from one particular lens and attach them to one more if you switch lenses. This can be time consuming. One more drawback is that they come in different diameters to suit diverse lenses. This indicates you may well have to add diverse adaptors each and every time you alter lens, which can make a lens alter even a lot more time consuming.
With a mattebox you have the alternative to stack and rotate multiple filters and you also have a selection of high high quality filters utilised in specialist filmmaking. There are many correction and impact filters accessible, from subtle mist effects to powerful NDs and color correctors. Though colour correction can be completed with grading, there are a quantity of causes to get it correct “in camera.” Firstly, digital camera sensors have a tendency to have a native colour balance. This indicates that the further away you are from the native color balance, the significantly less dynamic variety you have to use, and the a lot more most likely you are to clip a channel or introduce noise into the image. Another issue is that with compressed codecs used in DSLRs, there isn’t the exact same potential to make the major adjustments that you can make with a camera that shoots raw photos. One more purpose for performing issues “in camera” is the reality that effects have a tendency to appear greater. A computer can introduce a subtle mist or diffusion impact in the exact same way that a filter can, but it can not exactly match the way the light is impacted by the filter. Filters can generate stunning effects on skin and produce halos of light about people in a distinctive way.
You also have the choice to use graduated ND filters. ND Grads permit you to minimize the brightness of element of the image (for example the sky) without affecting the rest of the image. You can rotate them and adjust their height to match the horizon. Though you may well be capable to repair this in post, the distinction in the brightness of the sky and the subject can frequently be beyond what the camera is capable of capturing.
Another advantage of employing a DSLR matte box is the use of flags. Safeguarding the lens from light is frequently overlooked. We know when there is an clear flare in the lens, and sometimes this can be a desirable look. But what numerous people don’t comprehend is that there is practically usually undesirable light hitting the lens. This reduces contrast and resolution in the image. By employing flags, we can defend the lens from this undesirable light and boost the good quality of our images. Flags are moveable and can be quickly adjusted to match the lens being employed. The lens hood, which comes with many lenses, is fixed and does not provide correct protection of the lens. This is especially true of zoom lenses.

James Hill is a photographer with in depth experience as a motion image camera assistant. He is passionate about photography, and has worked on quite a few projects in a variety of capacities. James has a background in stills photography making use of mattebox, but has spent a lot of years functioning in motion image photography.


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