Why You Should Use A Flash Diffuser with Your SLR

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by Trojan_Llama

As a budding photographer, you definitely own at least one digital SLR, along with several lenses and an Olympus Flash. Although you probably take most of your pictures during the daytime, you do, or will eventually, take some in low-light scenarios, like bars and lounges.

If you have, then you know that using an Olympus flash is extremely important for your Olympus camera. Although some of the most artistic pictures are taken without flash, most low-light pictures require one, thus making it an important addition to your equipment..

The problem arises when you start using your on-camera flash. On my Olympus E-510, the internal flash is extremely weak. As a result, I bought an Olympus Flash FL-50, which has really improved my photography style.

Unfortunately, this Olympus flash FL-50R is still too harsh and creates dark shadows, which does not result in images I showing other people. As an example, if you snap a photograph of a person standing up on a wall, the flash can create a dark shadow on the wall, which makes the person look bigger than they actually are. It was time to get a flash diffuser, and my sto-fen omnibounce is now always stuck to my flash. It is a little white box that is perfect for spreading the light around.

Flash Diffuser to the Rescue

Before I bought a diffuser, my flash was too harsh.

What the flash diffuser does is “diffuse” the light. It spreads the flash light around such that it will not strike your subject directly. By spreading the light, it also creates a more natural feel, which is great to have when using flash lighting. Furthermore, it allows you to also add to your photograph a softer look without dialing down the flash brightness. This aids with any fill flash issues you may have previously had.

Buying a Flash Diffuser

As I previously mentioned, I have a Sto-fen Omnibounce diffuser, which results in a much better job than the diffuser that comes with my Olympus FL-50. There exist also bigger diffusers as well that can be used with your Olympus Flash.

Learn more about the Olympus Flash on my blog.

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