Wondlan Launches Another Steadicam for Filmmakers – Single-arm Steadicam

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Single-arm Steadicam ( http://www.wondlan.com/product/260-single-arm-steadycam–c470/ ) has been launched by Wondlan (http://www.wondlan.com ) recently, which catches market’s attention instantly. Many professionals deliver their reviews, most of which focus on two words: economical and ergonomics.

Most insiders of filmmaking industry will not be strange with Wondlan, a leading manufacturer and supplier of photography and filmmaking accessories. It was found in China in 2004 and has developed rapidly in America, Asia, Europe, Africa and Austria etc. With its competitive prices and top quality for equipment, it enjoys a good reputation among both amateurs and professionals.

“‘Shoot movies yourself.’ That has always been Wondlan’s ultimate goal,” said James Wang, the CEO of Wondlan. “We supply professional equipment at affordable prices so that everyone can shoot his own film.” Actually, Wondlan firstly focused on the middle and upper market, and it had been some time later before they realized that bringing luxury brands which ordinary people can afford is one of Wondlan’s ingenious strategies. Then attention was paid to the people with filmmaking dreams yet without expenses. And it proves Wondlan made a right decision.

Statics show that it has always been the main principle that price and quality are the top considerations when buying products, yet Wondlan also emphasizes on designs. “Comfortable operation of steadicam will reduce tiredness and make shooting more enjoyable.” explained by Jason Lee, Wondlan’s overseas manager. “The Single-arm Steadicam is designed on the basis of ergonomics and it is flexible to mount and dismount.”

According to Jason Lee, the hot product weighs light and features simple structure, and the fashionable load vest is the most outstanding thing. So when compared with similar equipment from other companies, this single-arm steadicam earns more points from primary filmmakers. “We have full confidence of in our products.” Jason Lee smiled.

About Wondlan
Wondlan is an internationally reputed manufacturer and supplier of photography and filmmaking accessories. With the concept of “shoot movies yourself,” Wondlan.com provides shooting products of top quality at affordable prices to prove that everyone can be a filmmaker and artist. Product line of Wondlan includes DSLR Rigs, camcorder kits, matte box, follow focus, steadicam, hand-held stabilizer, sniper series, DSLR viewfinder, HD monitor, DSLR power-supply system and so on. Wondlan International has hundreds of distributors in many countries with sales network around the world.

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Email: contact@wondlan.com
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